My name is Charlie. I write about board, card, and miniatures games. I’ve freelanced at Polygon, IGN, Ars Technica, Geek & Sundry, Dicebreaker, Wargamer.com, PC Gamer, and Tabletop Gaming Magazine. I’ve been reviewing and writing about games since 2013 and playing for much longer.

I also co-hosted the Ding & Dent gaming podcast for several years with Rafael Cordero.

I prefer thematic games that highlight narrative with innovative mechanisms. Area control and tactical miniatures games tend to be my jam. I have a general disinterest in modern Euro-style designs, preferring the German family games of the 90s and early 2000s to most contemporary offerings.

My main gaming social media outlet is Twitter, and you can find me @CharlieTheel. If you’d like to follow all of my written work, regardless of outlet, I maintain a Geeklist at Board Game Geek which you can find here.

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